Within the city limits of Holmesville, the city is served by the Holmesville_Metropolitan_Transportation_Administration. In the suburbs, there are other transit systems, like the Gibson Transit Authority, Butler County Transit and the Harper Area Regional Transit. MTA Holmesville still serves the surrounding counties of Holmesville as well, but the MTA MetroRail service does not leave city limits. MTA also operates an extensive bus (MTA MetroBus) and commuter rail system (MTA MetroLinx) that serves Holmesville and surrounding suburbs. MTA MetroLinx is the commuter/suburban rail system that serves the suburbs and some surrounding cities of Holmesville (i.e. Gibson City, Gold Coast, Harper City, Chester, Butler City, Whitman Beach, South Lucerne County, Mount Moriah, Evanston, Baldwin, Media, etc.) The system operates over 25 lines/branches throughout the Gibson-Algonquin Valley and streches along the Gold Coast and to Lucerne County and along the eastern coastline of Harper County and points north, northwest and northeast.

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